Why a Group Cruise?

If you’ve cruised, you probably already know why cruising is a preferred option for groups. It’s an ideal way to bring a diverse group of people together in the fun and relaxed atmosphere of a cruise ship.

Group cruising is also the best value for the money because the price of your cruise can include all meals, snacks, plus 24-hour room service, entertainment, activities, accommodations, health and fitness club. Not to mention that a cruise ship visits many different ports offering adventure every new day.

If you haven’t cruised, we will explain the incredible variety of options that are available to ensure that you choose the right ship, the right itinerary and the right time of year to travel.

Great For Many Occasions:

Family, friend or school reunions Clubs, Civic & Special Interest Groups, Churches, Associations, Business Seminars & Retreats, On-board weddings and more.

Group Cruise Advantages:

  • One step planning
  • Accommodations for any budget
  • Extensive activities available onboard for all age groups
  • Pre-organized entertainment
  • Multiple dining options
  • All-inclusive price
  • Transfers & porterage service
  • Free meeting space
  • Group amenities such as upgrades, onboard spending money, specialty dining, cocktail parties and complimentary shore excursions

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