Group FAQ

Are you a Group Leader?

Do you have a group traveling together? If so, did you know you could earn your trip for free?

Group Leaders

Group Leaders play an important role in helping us promote tours to potential travelers. Your efforts in marketing and our unique travel products are also a fun and fast way for you to earn extra income and/or vacation privileges. Is there a family reunion coming up? Your Class Reunion? These are perfect opportunities to organize a travel group and make a little money on the side.

Call our group travel coordinator Lynn Hanford at 1-866-475-7023 about training and benefits for part-time agents selling travel to their friends, fellow church or group members, family or co-workers.

It is easier than you think for people that have what it takes…

*Friendly personality


*A great desire to travel

*Enjoy learning about people and places

Benefits are:

*Free trips

*Fun while working

*Extra cash

Contact us to see how you can get free travel, travel agent discounts and commissions.


How many free cabins/rooms can I earn?

Trips are priced differently so it depends on the number of people traveling in the group. Normally tours include 1 free trip earned for each 16 fully paid passengers. There are times however that you can earn a free cruise with as little as 5 couples with luxury cruise lines. You can give the ‘free’ cabins to other passengers who can help you promote the cruise or ‘sell’ the free trip as a fundraiser for your organization, or use it for personal travel.

Will I get a better price if I go direct with the cruise line?

No. Our rates are the same or at times even better than the cruise line if we held the space several months in advance, and you often get extras such as on board credits, a bottle of wine or a complimentary shore excursion.

What is my primary responsibility as a “Group Leader”?

As a group leader your responsibility is to gather people who will go on the selected cruise or tour. Then you serve as a contact for the group to arrange correspondence, document delivery addresses, etc. By promoting the tour or cruise you would typically earn your trip for free, depending on the amount of people traveling. You are not responsible for any accounting or calling in payments – we handle all of that for you.

What tools do we provide you with to assist you in promoting the group?

A personalized web page exclusive to your group, online payment processing for all group members and customized flyers are just the few of the things we can do to assist you in getting the word out.

Does everyone know I am traveling for free?

No. The terms of your arrangements are strictly confidential.

Do you provide custom itineraries?

Yes. If you want to plan a few extra days before or after your cruise and arrange private tours, we would be happy to arrange that for you.

How much of a deposit do we have to place on our trip?

For cruises, often as little as $25 pp will get you started, and the rest is set up on a convenient payment plan.

How do we make reservations?

The group department will answer all booking related calls, and each traveler can book online and log into their profile at anytime to make updates or payments.

Can the group have a private party or event on board?

Absolutely! Many ships have meeting rooms at no extra charge. Cocktail parties, ice carvings and even private concerts can be arranged.