Group Leader Program

Do you always seem to the person organizing trips with family and friends?  If so, you are already taking on the responsibilities of a group leader, so why not benefit from some of the perks?

As a group leader, you can earn free cash or credit against your personal cabin by having a group.

How many do you need to be considered a group?  You will need to have a minimum of 8 cabins (double occupancy or more,) to be considered a group and qualify for added amenities. Here is an example of what you could earn if you booked a group on a cruise.

8 staterooms (16 guests, double occupancy) traveling = 1 Free Berth (bed)
16 staterooms (32 guests, double occupancy) traveling = 2 Free Berths (1 free cabin)
24 staterooms (48 guests, double occupancy) traveling = 3 Free Berths (1 1/2 free cabins)
32 staterooms (64 guests, double occupancy) traveling = 4 Free Berths (2 free cabins)
100 staterooms (200 guests, double occupancy) traveling = 12 Free Berths (6 free cabins)

Please note, the value of the bed/free cabin will be based on the lowest category cabin booked and does not include port charges, taxes, gratuities or event fees if applicable.  We can give you an exact amount of the value of what you have earned once everyone in your group is booked.  Group leaders will have to pay for their cabin up front in full, and then receive either a ship board credit on the cruise, or receive a check upon your return. The reason for this is that your guests can cancel prior to travel, so the cruise line waits until sailing to ensure you have enough cabins. You can also use your free cabin to bring along a special guest such as a photographer, pastor or entertainer that may encourage others to join your group.  The other option is to divide the earned discount among all travelers so that benefits.  All the details are agreed upon in advance and kept confidential.

So you are interested in becoming a group leader? The process is very easy.

All you need to do is contact us in advance and let us know prior to booking that you are planning to put a group together. We will ask that you send us a list of names and email addresses of guests that you will be inviting to join you on the cruise.  You will then be given a code that each guest must use in order to be cross referenced with your group. This information will be used to track your bookings, and also allows us to request dining for all of your guests together unless they have individual preferences for dining times. We can provide you with monthly reports on how many guests are booked in your group, as well as an online reservation and payment website to help promote the group. In addition the agency has a team of specialists that will provide support and information for the group over the phones, as well as be available to passengers via email to answer questions.